¡¡¡ ATTN U.S.A. !!! Canada Now Officially ON SALE!

When you weren’t looking, RED Mountain just became an even better deal for American snow-sliders. Add to the incredible savings (see below) the rumblings about a “Super El Niño Winter” that could deliver “exceptional snowfall” and RED is looking like the white choice for smart skiers in 2015.

Money Matters

The strong US Dollar (USD; aka Greenback, Dead President) has been slapping around the Canadian Dollar (CAD; aka Loonie, Monopoly Money) all year, making Canada a very attractive destination for savvy Americans—like it wasn’t already attractive enough! New currency fluctuations just pretty much put Canada “ON SALE” for those lucky souls with greenbacks in their pockets:

Just to put this in real world terms, a snowboarder from the US spending $1000.00 USD at current rates would have over $1300 buying power in Canada. That’s a whole lotta poutine and a whole lotta powder. That’s like Mexico with snow!

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Even back when the two currencies were near par, RED Mountain already offered the best deal out there among destination resorts—backed up by our independently-assessed “P3” scores. At the current exchange rate, booking your ski or snowboard holiday at RED becomes a no-brainer for anyone holding Greenbacks.

Here’s What’s Up

The only thing better than an El Niño winter is a Super El Niño winter. And the only thing better than a Super El Niño winter, we’re guessing, is a Super El Niño winter THAT’S ON SALE!

RED vs. “Those Guys”: I’m Saving HOW Much?

Stay with RED Mountain Resort

2 Bedroom Condo for 2 nights, 2-4 ppl $820
2-Day Adult Lift Ticket for 2 ppl $270
Total (CAD): $1,090 CAD
Currency Conversion Total (USD): Only $834 USD for 2 ppl
NOTE: Kids 12 & under stay free with 1 paying adult at Red Mountain Resort Lodging!

OR stay with that big place in Colorado…

1 Bedroom: 1 King bed for 2 nights, 2 ppl,
Located in the village
2-Day Adult Lift Ticket for 2 ppl $496
Total (USD): $1,956 USD for 2 ppl

Total Savings with RED: $1,122.00 USD