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End of the Season Festivities

The season has (sadly) ended.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t reminisce a little…

We’ve put together for you some great highlights of the last week/weekend of RED Mountain’s epic 2012/13 season. From the success (and occasional hilarity) of the 5th Annual Gathering Festival and the 80′s rocker party, to the Slush Cup, bikini clad skiers, and The Aggrolites we hope you had as much fun as we did on those last few beautiful and sunny days at the mountain. Can’t wait to see you again next season.

The Gathering Festival, Slush Cup, and The Aggrolites Photos!

Wanna see more?? Check out the rest on our Facebook!

Wanna see more?? Check out the rest on our Facebook!

Check out some of the great coverage too from The Gathering Festival this year:

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Additional Photo Credits: Mark Shapiro, Lawrence Wright, Bernie Long

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2 Responses to End of the Season Festivities

  1. mikko VuoriNo Gravatar says:

    hola from Chile, Eric K.

    Looks like i missed out on a super time at the Gathering …. Ace and Sheila V. appear as if they stole the show, judging by the photos! We used to have a grass roots season ender called the Turkey Roast, i’m sure that you’ve heard the stories, however it appears as if your gathering has considerable more stoke; kudos Eric and gang!

    i skied into a mean deadfall last March at WH20, totally destroyed my achilles, and sat out this past season here in Iquique,Chile, where i get to paraglide every day with my bros … it’s been so much fun that it’ll be hard to leave this sunspot in 10 days

    Next up is a short trip south to Chillan to sus out the deets for my end of summer ski trips to Chile.
    i’ll keep you posted Eric.

    nos vemos,
    mikko V.

  2. HeatherNo Gravatar says:

    “End of the Season Festivities | Red Mountain Resort” ended up being a wonderful posting.
    If only there were more websites such as this specific one in the actual net.
    Well, thank you for ur precious time, Tanisha

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