Recap of the third annual Broken Goat Trail Race

The annual Broken Goat 50km/25km/12km Trail Race took place this past Saturday July 15th at RED. A remote & challenging point to point, high-alpine race including the 7 Summits Alpine Trail, it tests the best of the best – bringing runners from all over British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and USA, to compete for fastest time while soaking in some absolutely gorgeous 360 degree views of the Rossland Range. The initial climb was met with a brief rain shower which was well received by racers, followed by full sun and blue skies across the finish line.

Once in the finish, racers enjoyed an afternoon bbq, cold beers, companionship with their friends and family while listening to chillaxing tunes from Rossland’s own Tim Hurley & Max Jones.

James Crossman, from Rossland, placed third in the 50km race and new to Rossland, Kim Hemstreet, placed 1st in the women and 4th overall in the 25km race.

Top finishers below, and you can see the full results here »


  1. Chris Bellamy 5:35:29 
  2. Adam Kahtava 5:37:14
  3. Kim Magnus 5:44:42


  1. Michael Burke 2:13:57 
  2. Joedy Dalke 2:15:13
  3. Bill Fitzner 2:41:14


  1. Turlan Morlan 1:07:57 
  2. Chris Morlan 1:13:54
  3. Kevin Shaw 1:21:34

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Don Conway – @Don.p.conway
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