Another Slush Cup. Another Year Coming to a Close.

RED was blessed with another beautiful day for the Slush Cup this year, testing countless contestants in ridiculous costumes attempting to make it across the ‘RED’ Pool and show the judges they deserved to be crowned the champion. The were successes, there were wipeouts. There were battlescars and battle cheers. But most of all, there were nonstop laughs. Attempts were made with a mono ski, water ski, the infamous triple binding threat – you name it. It was quite the display of craziness (as usual). The Slush Cup was then wrapped up with the deck party to continue the fun with good DJs, good booze, and good food. Enjoy the recap video and photos below.  

Check out the recap video below:

Check out some photos:

Photo Credits: Ashley Voykin and Ryan Flett
Video: Apex Multimedia