Slush Cup 2019 Recap

Whelp, another epic Slush Cup and final weekend of the season is in the books! With the previous night bringing in a Saturday Powday and continual snow throughout the day and evening (20+ cms!), it was definitely one of those “not-so-springy” days. But that didn’t stop anyone from having one amazing time around the pond.

Over 50 contestants flipped and flopped (lots of flops!) into and across the RED pool with hundreds of fans on the snow and deck looking on with cheers and lots of laughter. We’ll let the video highlights speak for themselves, but summed up there was some epic air and (of course) epic wear, with RED Athlete Jonathan Rollins taking the crown by landing an absolutely beautifully executed backflip and making it to the triumphant end.

Congrats to all of the contestants who came out, and the onlookers who cheered them on! Can’t wait to see you all next year!

Check out the video recap of the madness

Check out the photos

Photos by Ashley Voykin