“Fight the Man. Own the Mountain.” Artist Spotlight Series 2 of 2 Released!

We’re extremely excited for our Tier 3 ($3,500) and up Owners of our “Fight The Man. Own The Mountain.” campaign who get access to choose between our custom-designed limited edition Lib Tech Snowboards or Blizzard skis.

We’ve had the absolute pleasure working with 2 incredible artists passionate about this campaign and what it means to them through their artwork. These 2 artists put in countless hours of work to create beautiful pieces of art for your snowboard or ski selection and let’s just say we’re pretty pumped about the final outcome.

Gina Kiel, currently living in Wellington, New Zealand has been creating beautiful works of art for years now. From massive wall murals to entire car painting, her abstract, bright, bold, and wild approach to her art makes her creations stand out anywhere you’d look. Gina’s passion for art and love of snowboarding carried over to this project, feeling connected through the community approach this campaign champions, pushing for sustainability and preserving a unique and beautiful place in a landscape of changing times. We couldn’t be more proud of her final piece – representing the strength of the Rossland community and RED. Watch below!

Become a Tier 3 Owner! At the $3,500 level, you receive $3,500 of equity, 5 lift tickets good for up to 5 years, owner member access to the new RED Mountain on-mountain clubhouse, and your choice between a custom-designed owner-only pair of Blizzard Skis or Lib Tech snowboard!

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Artwork Rendering for Boards and Skis

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Please note final designs may be altered slightly and availability may be based on investors’ order quantity.

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