This indicates my intention to return to work at Red Mountain for the 2017/18 winter season in my present position, subject to the recall provisions of Section 8.04 of the USWA contract, as follows:

Every Employee not employed on a year round basis, shall inform the Company in writing or electronically, of his/her intent to return to work for the upcoming season by the end of business on the first Monday in October. In order to assist employees with this, the Company agrees to provide a recall form prior to the employees’ last day or work. Failure to provide notice to the employer will result in the employee forfeiting his/her right to recall to work under provision 8.06.

Failure to be available for work as required by the Company at the start of a new season will result in an employee forfeiting his/her right to recall, under provision of 8.06.

The Company agrees to maintain their website which will show anticipated job openings for the season.

* indicates required field

(Summer employment lasting longer than 2 or 3 days will be posted on Red’s website.)