RED to Rossland Ski Bus

RED Mountain is excited to announce a revamped, new-and-improved, bigger, better, FREE-er ski bus experience for the 2023/24 winter.

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RED Mountain Express

New Free RED to Rossland Ski Bus for 2023/24

Say goodbye to bus passes, tokens, and punch cards for the new RED to Rossland ski bus. Free for everyone and now up-sized to transport up to 44 passengers, the new bus and will run 7 days a week, from 7am to 6:30pm. Now it’s easier than ever for our on-hill guests to explore all that Rossland has to offer with its amazing restaurants, historic downtown and legit-sized grocery store, while offering the same flexibility and reliability to our local community to hit the mountain with ease.

The RED Mountain Express Ski Bus service starts on Opening Day and ends April 7th.

Timetable & Map

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Late Night Shuttle Running Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Departs RED/Josie every half hour from 7:30pm – 11pm

Alpine B-line


The Alpine B-Line (aka Rossland Ski Bus!) runs between various points in Rossland and RED throughout the day staring at 7:30am in town and with its final departure at 6pm from RED. It runs on a mix of 30 min and 1 hour intervals.

The Deets

  • For the complete daily bus schedule, please check
  • Ski Bus requires a Token ($3 each) to ride
  • Tokens can be purchased at: Red Mountain Resort Guest Services and Rafters Bar (both at the RED Base Lodge), the Red Mountain Resort Lodging office, The Josie Hotel, Kootenay Gateway, Fine Wines & Spirits, Prestige Hotel, Alpine Grind Coffeehouse, Mountain Shadow Hostel, The Flying Steamshovel, and Jimmy’s Cannabis Shop
  • Please note the driver does not take cash
  • You can upgrade to a ski bus season pass for just $150 for the ENTIRE season. No better way to get back and forth from the mountain without needing to ever drive or look for parking!
    • Save Huge: If you take the bus just 3x round trip every week, the season pass pays for itself just halfway through the season.
  • Single use tickets, 10-Ride Punch Cards, and Seasons Passes are all available to purchase online here.

Safe Ride Home


The Safe Ride Home Shuttle is your ticket to evening fun here at RED and Rossland. Operating on a flex-schedule system from 6:30pm – 10pm, Thursday – Saturday. The shuttle costs just $5/person.

Please call 250-362-0080 to book.

Please Note: after 10pm all shuttles must be booked with the driver prior to the last shuttle at 9:45pm otherwise they will go home.


  • The shuttle’s “homebase” is located in front of The Josie Hotel at the Resort Area from 6:30pm – 7:30pm and will take trips to Rossland every 30 minutes if there are guests wanting a ride. At 7:30, the Shuttle relocates its homebase to The Flying Steamshovel until 10pm and will do interval trips back to The Josie Hotel when guests need a ride at 30 minute intervals.
  • If you’re in town when the Shuttle is at the Resort Area homebase, simply give the driver a call at 250-362-0080 and let them know! Same goes if you’re still at the resort if the Shuttle’s homebase is in town starting at 7:30pm.


  • If you’re looking to get a ride after 10pm on Thursday – Saturday, you’ll just need to book a ride in advance. You can either call the driver at 250-362-0080 up until 9:30pm, or book directly with the Kootenay Gateway Office before 4pm.
  • The Late Night shuttle runs from 10pm to midnight.
  • From 10pm to midnight, rides between RED and Rossland are $10/person.

Other Shuttle Options

If you’re looking to get a ride to/from town outside of the evening Thursday-Saturday schedule, please reach out to Kootenay Gateway to book a shuttle in advance. Reservations are based on driver availability. The sooner you book, the better.