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Shredding the glorious Kootenay powder at RED isn't the only thing to do here. With Rossland's rich history and active friendly community, there are no shortage of ways to fill your day and have a blast while doing so!

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Welcome to Rossland

Rossland is a world class mountain town full of Gold Rush ghosts, hilarious history, adventurous families, and modern marvels. While we have a sacred duty to hold back a few secrets you have to discover on your own, we have compiled this list of things to look at and get after during your unforgettable visit to the Kootenays. We hope you have as much fun checking them off as we did “researching” them.

Outdoor Activities

We know skiing and snowboarding is our crown jewel here but there are so many other unique opportunities to explore the outdoors here. While this is definitely not an exhaustive list, check out a couple of our favourite local gems!

Cabin Cred

The Rossland Range’s cabin network is truly the stuff of legend. Each one has its own name and flavour and all 13 of them are available for daytime use. Explore the network of trails punctuated by these funky cabins and bring some snacks to warm up on the wood fires. There are many itineraries to choose from, with different lengths and ability levels to suit all visitors. The usual experience can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours—or more if you take a break. Access is by snowshoe, cross-country/touring ski, or fat bike and always leads to a one-of-a-kind adventure. (Plus: selfies with Old West street cred.)

Kootenay-Columbia Trail

Whether you’d like a quick fat bike ride or a winter hike/snowshoe adventure, the Kootenay-Columbia Trail is a true classic. Once you reach the summit, you will be welcomed by one of the best views of your life. Overlooking the town, you will be able to see as far as the city of Trail down in the valley and watch the Columbia river disappear in the background. Make it extra special by reaching the summit for sunrise or sunset. Engagement ring optional—and by “optional” we don’t mean “forgot it in the car,” dude.

Black Jack. White Wonderland.

Want to know why Rossland has the highest per-capita Nordic ski population in North America? Black Jack, that’s why! Yes, 1 in 6 Rossland citizens has a season pass here so they can enjoy the glide, the superb views, a warm fire at one of the three cabins, and a fantastic work out. This is some of Canada’s finest XC skiing, located a quick 2-minute drive up the highway from RED Mountain. With 40 kms of professionally groomed trails for both classic skiing and skate skiing, ranging from beginner to expert, everyone will have big smiles to go with those rosy cheeks. Night owls might want to check out the 2.5km of lighted night skiing trails. There is also a 2km dog loop for, like, people with dogs.

GET LOST Adventure Centre

Your information hub for getting off your phone and into an adventure! Rossland, BC is your gateway to adventure and GET LOST will help you find your way to our finest recreational opportunities easily. GET LOST is purpose-built for getting folks off their phones and out into an adventure they’ll remember for life, whether that involves mountain biking the trails of Rossland or soaring the skies in a tandem paragliding adventure. We have gathered all our favorite suppliers in the area below to help get you on your way to an adventure of a lifetime.

Indoor Activities

There's clearly nothing like a good evening hot tub and drink of choice, but if you want to mingle with the local crowd and experience some real Kootenay magic, your RED trip wouldn't be complete without trying some of these below!

What the Heck is Hockey Hair?

Hitting a Trail Smoke Eaters game is a long-standing tradition around here because, um, it’s Canada? Recognized as one of the best senior hockey teams in Canadian history, the Smoke Eaters’ colours are now being flown by a Junior A team that is equal parts athleticism and entertainment. If you’re in the mood to switch up your winter routine that revolves around skiing, beer, and nachos, hit a hockey game at the arena in Trail and find a fun, new reset button. (Don’t worry: they have beer and nachos.)

Five-pin Bowling

Ten-pin bowling is great if you’re built like The Rock but have skinnier fingers than The Grinch. But this is Canada where “bowling” means “five pins, no stupid finger-holes, and small balls you can really put some English on”. This classic Canadian game is easier than 10-pin, more accessible, faster, and, yep, more fun for everyone. Sorry, but the shoes are the same.

Other great indoor activities include:

Public skating at the Rossland Arena, curling at the Rossland Curling Rink, swimming at the Trail Aquatic Centre, racquetball and squash at the Trail Memorial Centre, movies at the Royal Theatre, and more.

Dining & Nightlife

Restaurants, coffee shops, and bars alike are hot spots for local fun, and while there are plenty to choose from (check out an exhaustive list right here!), here are a few of our favourite recommendations that may have otherwise gone under the radar on your visit!

Hand Grown Food. Handcrafted...Handicrafts.

Gather at the Miner’s Hall, like they used to back when Rossland was a mining town… except, Rosslanders are not looking for gold anymore, they’re growing delicious food and making wondrous crafts instead. The Rossland Mountain Farmer’s Market is on for five Saturdays in the winter. Free admission. Come see the ingenuity of our locals in full force. And keep your toque on.

Hop to It!

The Rossland Beer Company is a town treasure. This is the perfect place to gather and tip back a cold one after an alpine adventure—or after faking your way through another Zoom meeting from your condo. Whatever, eh? This is world-class craft beer that pairs perfectly with the company of local legends or the losers you brought with you. Friends, family, and visitors alike are sure to find a satisfying brew or two. Cheers!

Half-Caf Split Shot w/ Elk Milk, Extra Hot

Whether you are a coffee purist and this is all you need in the morning or you’d like a delicious meal to wash it down, Rossland’s got coffee covered. The Seven Summits Coffee Company rocks amazing locally roasted coffee as well as small snacks. Needing a full-pull? Head over to the Alpine Grind with its classic café ambiance and wicked people-watching. They offer breakfast frittatas, GF fare, serious sandwiches, and some droolworthy baked goods.


Ferraro Foods
Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm
Sat - Sun: 8am - 6pm

2029 Columbia Ave
Rossland, BC V0G 1Y0, Canada

Liquor Store

Rossland Fine Wines and Spirits
Daily: 9am - 11pm

1938 Columbia Ave
Rossland, BC V0G 1Y0, Canada

Arts & Culture

Rossland Museum & Discovery Centre

It can sometimes seem like skiing has always been here in Rossland, but such is not the case. This town’s origin story is actually better than any superhero’s. Find out how mining, smelting (“you smelt it, you dealt it?”) and a Norwegian nutcase named Olaus Jeldness conspired to create this alpine paradise, almost by accident. (If you’ve seen the serious statue on the main drag and wondered who it was, that was Olaus, our first and finest local legend.)

Find out the full story at the Rossland Museum & Discovery Centre and wish you were here for the olden days. Well, except for that crappy olden days wireless... Watch the video of the underground mine tour that the Museum sits atop and hit the Visitor Centre, Archives, Kids Area, and Gift Shop for the full experience. History isn’t boring just because your history teacher was!