Closed For The 20/21 Season

Our awesome new facility and seriously seasoned staff turn whiners into winners. Lend us your snotty-nosed sobbers and gear-draggers and cold-complainers and we’ll whip them into winter-loving, apple-cheeked cherubs of the snow with hot chocolate smiles and a world-class snowplow to boot.

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Kindercare will not be in operation for the 2020/21 winter season

Kindercare Info

Stop by and visit our awesome new facility!

Kindercare is a government licensed daycare operating under an “Occasional Child Care” license. Red Resort has offered a licensed daycare for over 30 years. Children aged 18 months – 5 years can enjoy our safe environment, fun toys and activities!

Our new facility is located on the main floor of the newly built Administration Building closest to Rentals.

Parents are expected to provide outside clothing (duh), diapers, wipes, reusable water bottle and appropriate food for lunch and snacks. Children’s lunches may be purchased through Kindercare. (But: no tuna and whipped cream sandwiches here; sorry, Madison.)

We offer Kinderski lessons for children aged 3-5 years old. Kinderski lessons are taught by our enthusiastic, unflappable, patient-as-saints, kid-approved Snowsports instructors. (Hey, it’s not a job for just anyone, okay?)

Learn more about our Kinderski Lessons »

We are a NUT and PEANUT Aware Centre. Please ensure that no nut or peanut products come to the daycare in your child’s belongings. This part is no joke, so we’re not going to make any jokes here. This is called “restraint”.

To expedite your child’s registration, you can download the Kindercare Registration to print at home. (“Expedite” is fancy for “speed up” according to Fancy Nancy. Fancy Nancy is a registered trademark of HarperCollins.)

Reservations are required in advance to guarantee availability.
Contact us at or 1-800-663-0105. Ext. 237 or 778-457-5006


Full Day (8am - 4pm) $72
Half Day (8am - 12pm or 12pm - 4pm) $118
Hourly $20

Great Value Packages

Half Day (3 Pack) $112
Half Day (5 Pack) $178
Full Day (3 Pack) $179
Full Day (5 Pack) $289