Yes, Our newest food and beverage hub at Topping Creek fiiiinnnnnaaaally has a name!

TBH, we’ve actually had it for a while, but we just wanted to build suspense, k?

Welcome To Flyin’ Phil’s Hangout

The Story Behind the Name

Here’s the deal: In all of our expansions and improvements at RED, we’ve always kept an arm around our rugged past that is central to our DNA as an independent ski resort in a corporate landscape. Naming the new warming spot Flyin’ Phil’s epitomizes this philosophy of ours.

Phil Johnson is as Rossland as it gets. Turning 80 last July, Phil was born and raised in Rossland and has been working for and helping the resort since 1959 (not to mention was also the man who helped make the Topping Creek Portal a reality!). Wow! In naming the new Topping station after him, we honour his frontier spirit, generosity, and epic joie de vivre. Phil has always been close to the beating heart of Rossland and RED Mountain. Whether taking his arc welder to a neighbour’s frozen pipes or clearing a road for the resort, you can always count on Phil being there with a helping hand. We are ALL better off having Phil as our friend and neighbour.

Phil’s nickname is a natural outgrowth of his past penchant for flying his ancient Mueller hang-glider from the top of RED over the torchlight parade—at night! Although his work and his athletic achievements have not been without mishaps, we’re happy (and, TBH, amazed) that he’s still with us to cut the ribbon on his wonderful new namesake: Flyin’ Phil’s Hangout at Topping Creek!

We hope you’ll join us in raising a nice, cold beer or cup of “Phil’s Tea” to say, “Thanks, Phil. We love you, man!” And now: We dance.

A huge shoutout to Kari Kuznecov! Earlier this fall we launched a naming contest for our new Topping Station, and Kari’s submission was the chosen winner! Congrats, Kari!

Meet Flyin’ Phil Johnson

What even is this place?

If you have been too busy with your snow dances and pre-season leg day training to read our announcement of our new base area hangout, here are the quick facts to get you up to speed.

  • At just under 1,500 square feet, this facility is comprised of two modern prefab modules with connected deck that will be dropped just up the hill, steps from the Topping Creek chair.
  • Guests and locals alike will be able to use the new zone for a convenient “other base” with food, beverage, advance purchase lift ticket pickup (remote kiosk next to the Topping Chair), and a parking lot.
  • Indoor/outdoor seating for up to 90 guests with incredible views of Granite peak and the original Red Mountain, home of the first chairlift in Western Canada.
  • To keep RED’s fun roots alive and well, The Taco Rojo food truck that once graced the base of Grey Mountain will be built into the new base structure, with a whole new look (the name “Taco Rojo” will stay alive and well, too!).
  • Check out the Press Release for all the deets.

Tacos (and more!) at Topping

Food service daily from 9:00am – 3:00pm
LA-caliber Mexican street food experience (plus a variety of other delicious items!) in the crisp, clean air of BC’s sub-alpine. Located in the brand new Flyin’ Phil’s Hangout at Topping Creek, Taco Rojo is open daily 9am-3pm. This custom-built beauty boasts full food & beverage service, a liquor license, and delicious offerings from breakfast through après. With indoor seating and outdoor deck seating with stunning views of RED, you are guaranteed a taco eating experience you won’t find anywhere else. We recommend not trying to eat your burrito wearing those white leather Reusch gloves. You’ve been warned.

Check out the views!