Groms Summer Bike Camp

Ages 8 – 12 | Mon – Fri from 9am – 4pm

Looking for an amazing summer experience for your grom?

The best way for your kids to enjoy summer. Your kids will get to enjoy the vast network of trails in Rossland in a fun, positive group environment with our experienced coaches. This program is designed for kids from beginner to advanced looking for a fun-filled summer adventure while developing their bike skills, having fun with like-minded kids and for parents looking for the perfect place for their kids to spend a week of their summer holidays.

RED Mountain Bike School provides programs for any kid who wants to shred this summer.

Camp Details

Ages: 8-12
Times: Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm
Levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced


  • July 8-12: Intermediate
  • July 22-26: Advanced
  • Aug 12-16: Novice
  • Aug 26-30: Intermediate

Cost: $475 (5 days)

Required Equipment:

  • Minimum 20” bike with front and rear hand brakes. No coaster brakes allowed disk brakes highly recommended.
  • Front suspension is recommended but not required for the lower levels.
  • Well-fitted quality bike helmet mandatory. Gloves, Knee, Elbow pads are highly recommended.
  • Kids must carry their own water and snacks. Lunch & Spare clothes can be stored at RED.
  • All equipment will be inspected daily to ensure safety and risk management.
  • Appropriate bike clothing

Levels for Summer 2024

Our programs are broken down into 3 levels to ensure that the kids have the best experience and are appropriately challenged in their week. Please see below the requirements for each level offered this summer.

Our Novice level is for those riders comfortable with green and some blue cross country trails and are looking to develop their skills to improve confidence and become comfortable on blue trails.


  • Must be comfortable riding a bike on pavement and gravel paths
  • Has been introduced to using gears
  • Can stand up on their pedals off the seat while riding over bumpy terrain
  • Is comfortable riding for 1-4 hours

Key Goals

  • Develop understanding of gears to make riding more fun
  • Uses both the front and back brakes to maintain speed and control without skidding
  • How to adapt their position on different terrain from climbing to descending
  • Maintaining momentum on single track terrain including roots and rocks
  • Demonstrates good neutral and ready position in their riding.
Our intermediate level is for kids who are comfortable with all the skills and terrain in our novice level and are comfortable riding blue trails. They would like to take their skills to the next level and are interested in starting to ride easier black trails.


  • Can ride in a standing neutral and ready position while descending on a green and blue trail
  • Shows good climbing position
  • Uses both front and back brakes appropriately while riding
  • Can shift gears while climbing on blue trails
  • Can maintain momentum while riding over natural features on blue and green trails

Key Goals

  • How to ride trails with more efficiency, control and confidence
  • Understanding bike and suspension set up
  • How to use gearing for efficiency on more challenging terrain
  • How to manage speed on more technical and steeper terrain with appropriate braking
  • How to adapt their position climbing and descending to allow them to ride more challenging terrain
  • Improve cornering both flat and bermed
  • Introducing basic maneuvers, roll overs, small drops and tabletops etc.
Our Advanced level is for those riders who are comfortable performing all the intermediate skills on blue and easy black trails. They are still developing their skills and confidence to ride all black trails comfortably.


  • Uses the correct climbing or descending position on all blue terrain
  • Maintains cadence through different terrain by shifting gears accordingly
  • Can scan the trail and make good line selection in blue terrain
  • Applies some basic maneuvers to trail riding
  • Has good control of speed in blue terrain through brake management
  • Has an understanding and is able to apply different techniques to ride flat and bermed corners

Key Goals

  • Apply correct position technique both up hill and downhill on black terrain
  • Efficient use of brakes on black terrain, showing the correct timing to maintain speed and control
  • Good management of shifting to maintain cadence and momentum in black terrain
  • Ride most natural features on blue and black trails including rock rolls and drops
  • Effectively demonstrate technical maneuvers on trial to maintain flow in riding
  • Effective trail scanning and line choice in black terrain
  • How to ride black trails confidently
  • Add more speed and style to easier trails
  • Refine body position on the bike for efficiency and speed in all situations
  • Refine cornering skills through body positioning and braking