Housing Outreach

As we prepare for another season at RED we are reaching out to our community to assist us and support our employees by expanding the rental accommodation this winter. Our employees are vital to the operation of RED and add life to our winter communities. With the rental housing inventory reduction in our region, every additional room and bed helps. If you have accommodation that is underutilized – whether it is a basement suite, a spare room or shared accommodation opportunity, we are asking you to consider renting to one or more of our employees.

The wonderful team that you see throughout the winter including lift hosts, ski and snowboard instructors, event staff, patrollers, chefs, servers, and volunteers, will appreciate your assistance by opening your door to those that help make RED what it is for so many guests.

If you’re interested in supporting this cause, you can complete the form at the link below. This form will be confidentially distributed to RED Mountain Managers for their hired staff and will not be posted publicly. If you have any further questions, please email us at info@redresort.com.

With thanks from the entire RED team.
Don Thompson, GM