This winter, we’re excited to introduce RFID gate scanning and reloadable cards to pass holders and guests of RED, ultimately saving time, effort, and getting you on the mountain quicker!

We know there’s a lot of changes happening with these upgrades, so we wanted to break them down as simply as possible for you.

This is your homebase for all the knowledge you need! Take a look at the videos below.

Reloadable Tickets & Pass Products

These reloadable card products are all plastic or paper cards that are scannable inside your pocket at the chairlift! No hang tags and no lanyards needed. Throughout the season (and each year!), you can reload them with ticket or pass products, skip the ticket window altogether, and head straight to the lift!

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RFID Gate Scanning

With gate scanning technology at our chairlift queues, guests will move quicker up the mountain, and scanning of the guest’s ticket or pass will now be accessible through their left side pockets. No need to take out or attach your pass or tickets anymore! But don’t worry, your friendly RED lift attendant will still be present, monitoring the gates and queue flow with a big “hello!” and an even bigger grin.

Topping Creek Ticket Kiosk

This kiosk allows guests who purchased a reloadable lift ticket in advance to pick up their plastic card directly from the Kiosk and go straight to the Topping Chair to start the day! Please note that this kiosk is ONLY for advance purchases through our online web store, there are no staff for an in-person transaction.

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