Download Our New 3D Trail Map App

What once took years of dedicated daily skiing on RED can now be accomplished by our new 3D Trail Map App. It’s like having a lifelong RED local in your pocket right next to your chapstick and that half-eaten, lint-coccooned protein bar from 2004.

This new app not only boasts interactive fly-throughs for every run on the mountain and a search feature to find runs—it does everything but file your taxes for you! And guess what – you don’t even need wireless or cell service to unlock its full potential. Nope. This GPS-integrated little beauty will tell you where you are and how to get to where you said you’d meet your friends for lunch. It’ll also tell you have bad breath but it’ll do so nicely out of earshot of others.

Key Features:

  • After creating a quick account (just 1 to 2 minutes!) you’ll never need to log in again! Accounts will eventually allow for future versions to track routes, save settings and synchronize your app across different devices. (We got big plans, yo!)
  • Pinch, zoom, spin, pan, scroll all over our map from Red, Granite, Grey and everything in between. (Zoom hard and try to figure out what’s in our cat driver’s sandwich!)
  • 2 different map download sizes available (full satellite view and a more basic view to save download space)
  • Descriptions of runs, chairlifts, restaurant and restroom facilities
  • App available for both Android and iPhone. (Sorry Treo purists!)

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Something Funky? Let us Help you Troubleshoot Your Issue Below

Like most new things, there may always be a kink or two to work out as more and more people begin using the app. We’d love to hear from you if either there’s something you noticed that needs fixing or if you simply just want to tell us how much you love it! (We love to hear both sides!)