Natural Selection Tour Samples The Good Life at RED

From competition to night ski to shredding with the locals, we were seriously stoked to host NST Athletes Mary Rand and Spencer O’Brien

Last week, RED Mountain had the honour of hosting one of the Natural Selection Tour’s DUELs right here at RED Mountain – the only DUEL in Canada – featuring British Columbian pro rider Spencer O’Brien and American pro rider Mary Rand. As part of the weeklong presence of the NST team, Spencer and Mary teamed up with RED and the Central Snowboard Academy to ride the mountain with a seriously rad group of girls pumped to show them around to all their favourite spots.

The next day, Mary and Spencer had a blast ripping T-bar laps with the public for Thursday night riding, followed by an evening of autographs, photographs, drinks, and an overall rad hang sesh with the public at the RED Base Lodge.

The DUEL went down on two killer locations over 2 days during the week. You can watch the Natural Selection Tour DUEL at RED Mountain for the premiere stream on February 27th on Red Bull TV.

Central Snowboard Academy Ride Day

Night Ride With The Pros

DUELS at RED Mountain

Photos: Chad Chomlack