Meet Mike

Date of Birth: March 5

Hometown: Rossland, BC

Occupation: Professional Athlete

Sponsors: Diamondback Bikes, SMITH, ION Clothing, SR Suntour, Shimano, Race Face, Dissent Labs, RED Mountain

Accomplishments: Getting to call play, work.

Bio: Mike Hopkins is a professional athlete, producer, and director who specializes in creative marketing concepts. Working alongside the agency Juicy Studios, Mike and Scott Carlson (Founder of Juicy) make for an adventure loving production team that embrace wicked stories. Based in the tiny mountain town of Rossland BC, Mike grew up in the outdoors and has been calling “Play”, “Work” for the past decade. Working with clients near and far, across many mediums he has been lucky enough to win awards, explore the world, and meet great people. So here’s to chasing the next adventure!

How old were you when you started riding?

6 years old

Who are your mentors/influencers?

The List is long and always changing.

Any Nicknames?

Moo Man

What’s your favourite thing about RED?

I’ve been fortunate to travel all over the world and lived in a handful of different places, but Rossland and RED always drew me back. It’s home… a home with a hidden gem of a ski hill on it’s doorstep. This place is never never land.

What movie/video gets you most amped for the winter?

I grew up here and I still don’t know the names to anything. You can ask a handful of locals about any given run and you’ll be dished 8 different names, none of which are on the map. That being said, let’s go with “Waterfall”

What’s your favorite run at RED?

I am a bit of a showoff so ‘Links line’ is by far my favorite. Cheer loud for me!

Do you listen to music when you shred? (what’s your go-to?)


When not skiing/riding, what else do you like to do?

Be a Dad, Ride bikes, make films.

What’s the best trick name?


Do you have any preseason rituals leading up to the winter?

Wait for snow.

If you could be any animal, what would it be?


What’s your favorite saying?

Don’t know till ya Go.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

… ?

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