Meet Simon

Date of Birth: April 24, 2002

Hometown: Rossland, BC

Occupation: Skier

Sponsors: RED Mountain, Helly Hansen, K2, Marker, Intuition, Dalbello, Sweet Protection

Accomplishments: TGR “Legened Has It” 2023; TGR “Magic Hour”2022; Warren Miller “All Time” 2023; Warren Miller “Day Maker” 2022, Warren Miller “Face of Winter” 2019

Bio: Born on April 24, 2002, in bali indonesia, this accomplished skier commenced their snowy journey at the age of 3. Guided by the mentorship of JR, they’ve earned the endearing moniker “Young Jedi” and garnered sponsorship from industry giants like Helly Hansen, K2, Intuition, Dalbello, Marker, and Sweet Protection. Noteworthy achievements include stellar performances in films such as TGR’s “Legend Has It” (2023) and Warren Miller’s “All Time” (2023). The thrill of navigating RED’s tree-lined slopes holds a special place in their heart, with “The Red Sucks” video being their go-to for winter inspiration. Their favorite run is Links Line, and off-slope pursuits include snowmobiling, mountain biking, and filmmaking. With a commitment to preseason gym rituals, they live by the mantra “giver” and unwind at Rafters with nachos and Rossland Beer Co. beer. Envisioning a future island life, they see themselves riding the waves with a surfboard in hand ten years from now.

How old were you when you started riding?

3 years old

Who are your mentors/influencers?


Any Nicknames?

Young Jedi

What’s your favourite thing about RED?

The tree skiing.

What movie/video gets you most amped for the winter?

The RED SUCKS video

What’s your favorite run at RED?

Link’s Line

Do you listen to music when you shred? (what’s your go-to?)

Definitely, my go to is Guess again by Plan B

When not skiing/riding, what else do you like to do?

Snowmobiling, mountain biking, filming

What’s the best trick name?

The J Roll

Do you have any preseason rituals leading up to the winter?


If you could be any animal, what would it be?


What’s your favorite saying?


Describe your perfect apres.

Rafters, nachos and Rossland Beer Co beer

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

On an island surfing.

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