NOVEMBER 22, 2023

RED Mountain Express Goes Big – and FREE – for 2024

RED Mountain is excited to announce a revamped, new-and-improved, bigger, better, FREE-er ski bus experience for the 2023/24 winter.

Say goodbye to bus passes, tokens, and punch cards for the new RED to Rossland ski bus. Free for everyone and now up-sized to transport up to 44 passengers, the new bus and will run 7 days a week, from 7am to 6:30pm, whisking our winter faithful and happy workforce from Rossland to RED and back again in a kind of infinite loop of environmental money-saving and bonhomie.

Now it’s easier than ever for our on-hill guests to explore all that Rossland has to offer with its amazing restaurants, historic downtown and legit-sized grocery store, while offering the same flexibility and reliability to our local community to hit the mountain with ease. The larger shuttle should alleviate some of the rush hour parking lot crowding of past seasons, not to mention we’ve also upped our total stops from six last year to twenty(!) this year between Rossland and RED for additional convenience to our community and on-mountain staff throughout town.

We’re thrilled that visitors, staff, and day trippers can all benefit from this more efficient hassle-free service and we especially hope these upgrades will encourage more guests and locals alike this winter to utilize a more environmentally-friendly public transport option to and from the mountain. Please stay tuned for the release of the full timetable schedule and town stops.

The new RED Mountain Express would not be possible without the generous community support of our sponsors. (Free ski busses still have paid drivers, gas, maintenance, snow tires, and cleaning crews!) A huge thank you to the following supporting sponsors of the new RED Mountain Express: