The Perfect Winter Day at RED Mountain Resort

Straight from the minds of grade 5 students

Dive into the tales of grade 5 students from Rossland Summit School as they share their perfect winter day in Rossland. From shredding powder to indulging in delicious treats like hot chocolate and nachos, these young skiers paint a vivid picture of the ultimate snow day at RED. Read along to explore the magic and excitement of winter through the eyes of these seriously stoked adventurers.

Read on below!

AmeliaIf you’re wanting a good vacation and your putting your time and effort into it, you’d want it to be worth it, right? Well, we got you covered, Rossland BC is the place you’re looking for in the winter time.

So, to kick things off, I think Red Mountain is where you wanna start. The ski resort/ski hill is the best skiing in the Kootenays. Red Mountain has more than 3 mountains to shred on. If you get cold or hungry while you’re skiing, you have about three lodges to warm up and eat good food at. When you’re ready to go home, maybe you could meet up with some friends at the Velvet Restaurant for an après.

Later on, you can go to Mountain Nugget. Mountain Nugget has the best chocolate you could ever dream of. The chocolate is creamy, delicious everything! And also, you can buy some delicious hot chocolate which is warm, creamy, pepper minty (your choice). Then there’s the ice cream. If you’re like me and you like ice cream anytime then listen, the ice cream is a dream come true, it’s amazing, it just couldn’t be better. It’s creamy with chunks of chocolate (if you want)!

Afterwards, for dinner, you should go to Gabriella’s. Gabriella’s is in the Prestige and it has incredible food! I personally recommend the pasta, it hits the spot every time, but there’s also so much food to pick from of course!

Finally, there’s accommodation, you need a place to stay right? Well the Prestige is a really nice hotel in Rossland. Well, after a big day you can be in a nice and cozy hotel room and maybe eat some of your chocolate from Mountain Nugget while watching a movie, and then you can have a good sleep in a nice comfy bed.

So, now you have an idea of a great winter day during your vacation in Rossland! Hope to see you soon!

CarmenAhhh Rossland in the Winter!! Imagine you wake up from your comfy bed and you look out your window. It is a blue bird day. The sun is shining and there is so much snow on the ground. The ski hill opened yesterday. You are so excited! Wouldn’t you be excited? I know I would be excited. Let me tell you about a day you will never ever forget!!!

To start things off you drive to the ski hill and start your day with a nice ride up Red Mountain. It feels like the sun is shining right on you. Ahh, what a nice feeling. Finally, you get to the top of Red Mountain and you spot two of your best friends. You decide to ski down together in the amazing powder. Then you find a ski jump so you line up. Get ready to hit it!! When you get to the bottom of Red you decide to go up Silverload and then Motherload to ski more awesome powder.

After all that skiing you unbuckle your bindings and walk right on into Paradise Lodge. You get a hot chocolate and a bag of chips. You take your first amazing sip and bite, yummm! As the sweet satisfaction of the salty chips and the warm hot chocolate gets swallowed you realize you forgot the marshmallows. So you go and fill your cup up with a big mountain of them. You walk back to the table you’re sitting at. Balancing the mountain of marshmallows you made you sit down. “Now I can finish eating,” you say with a big smile on your face. After you finish your hot chocolate, you have much more energy, and you are ready to get your skis back on.

If you come to Rossland for an amazing winter day it certainly is not complete without sledding! I know that you didn’t bring your sleds to the ski hill but that is okay because your other friends did and what did you find when you got down from Motherload, but your friends with their sleds. You ask if you could sled with them and of course they say, “yes!” So you take turns sledding down the hill as the powder is blowing in your face with laughter all around you.

Everyone starts to get tired so you pack up and put all the sleds away, but the fun isn’t over yet because you still got Rafters, the best place to get a plate of nachos while listening to live music. You start to walk up the stairs. The smell of nachos and the sound of music gets closer to you. You get more and more excited. Once you get to Rafters you sit down at a big group table and order a big plate of nachos. Are you ready to eat?? I hope so because you’re in for a treat! While you chomp down on your nachos listening to the wonderful music, the sun starts to go down and that sadly means it is time to pack up and go home.

Well, how did you like the sound of that amazing snow day in Rossland? I loved the sound of it, that’s for sure. So do you know what you could and should do this winter? GO TO ROSSLAND!!! I hope to see you here!

CharlieIf you want a great ski day, Red Mountain is the best of the best. You and your friends are guaranteed an awesome winter day at the ski hill.

First, you wake up early and call your best friend, then you try and get up to the ski hill as fast as you can, so you get first chair. Then you rip down the mountain – powder coming up from behind your skis – exploring new parts of the mountain and taking jumps and drops that you have never done before. After about six or seven laps you start to get hungry, and there is no better place to get a hot, steamy hot chocolate and a nice, warm Mac and cheese than Paradise Lodge. After you finish eating, you want to warm up your mittens, and you’re in luck because besides its delicious food, Paradise Lodge also has a warm fire. Later, it’s almost 3:00 so you have to start making your way down the mountain and the best runs for that are: Rino’s run (easy), Beer Belly (harder), and Doug’s Run (also harder).

When you get down to the bottom of the hill, you take off your skis and run up the stairs into the main lodge up to Rafters. Once you get seated you and your friends get bored of waiting for dinner so you go down to the lockers where you start to play locker tag. How you play locker tag is simple: one person is it and the rest of you try and hide in the lockers or you just run around. Once your parents call you up for dinner you sprint up the stairs only to find the biggest, most delicious plate of nachos you have ever seen. You and your friends gulp down your nachos so you can finish your game of locker tag. Once your parents call you to come up you start to hide in the lockers so your parents can’t find you. After your parents threaten to not take you skiing ever again you go and find them.

When you are going home you are thinking of how awesome your day was and you are ready for tomorrow.

DallasThere I am, about to send a ten-foot drop on this run I’ve never been on before. This all took place at Red Mountain (Rossland) on the biggest pow day I’ve ever seen!

At first light I wake up and immediately smell hot apple cinnamon oatmeal. Then I look out the window and get stunned by how beautiful the fresh snow is. It’s like a blanket covering everything around. I can’t help but get so electrified for the amazing ski day ahead of me. Next, I decide that I’m hungry, so I jump out of bed, get dressed, and fly down the stairs for breakfast. At my seat there’s a bowl of steaming hot oatmeal. Over by the sink I see my dad who looks like he’s half-asleep washing dishes. I walk over to my seat and take a bite of my oatmeal. It’s really good so I gulp down the rest even though it’s hot. After that I start putting my ski stuff on. The snow pants go on just fine, the jacket goes on just fine, but my ski boots are so hard to put on! Even though it’s a challenge I put on my boots and get in the car. After a little bit my dad gets in the car, turns on some music (we always listen to a band called Super Suckers) and we hit the road. As I wait for us to get there, I dig into a pack of trail mix (it’s a good, reliable snack).

After I get there, I meet up with my friends and make sure I’m already. Soon we get on the lift and prepare for some awesome fun. On our way up the left we come up with games to play so the time passes faster. Once we reach the top, we try to figure out which run to go down. It’s always a gamble. After we choose a run, we zoom down so fast you can barely see us. Once we’re a good portion done the run, we head off into the trees to see if we can find some fresh snow. Once we’re pretty far in I see a drop that looks like it’s 10 feet tall, so I ski over to it and look down. It looks like a pretty good landing, so I get ready, get some speed and jump! As I fly through the air I get ready for landing. But I lose a pole so I look toward it but then I hit the ground. As I land I catch an edge and go flying into a mound of snow. My friends ask if I’m OK but I’m too busy laughing to respond. After I get up and we get going again we head back up for our last run. Pro tip: always try to be at the top when it closes so you can get an extra run in.

After a long day of skiing we head into Rafters for dinner. After our parents get seated the kids head down to the lockers for an epic game of locker tag! For those who don’t know what locker tag is, it’s basically a bunch of kids running around in dark lockers playing tag. After an epic game of locker tag we head up for dinner. On our way to our table we see a live band but sadly they are not giving away free stuff. Once we passed the band we sit down and order food. After we order we wait a bit but finally our food arrives. There’s fries and nachos and everything in between.

After a long day I go home and get into bed but I can’t stop thinking about my really fantastic day!

ElsieDid you just have an awesome summer? Well it’s time for you to have an even better winter! At the best town Rossland with an amazing ski resort, Red Mountain!

To start off the great day you wake up to fresh powder everywhere. You walk downstairs and there are the best fresh, warm delicious pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup. Getting ready to ski is not amazing, awesome or fun at all…you have to pull so hard to get your ski or snowboard boots on but it is all worth it! When you walk outside into the cool winter breeze and when you feel the snow flakes fall on your face you know it is going to be the perfect day in the snow.

A little while later, after playing in the snow a little, you get in the car and go up to Red Mountain. When you get on the chair lift it’s freezing up top with the cold snow falling on the chair lift. It’s so close to the top that you almost feel the snow at the bottom of your skis/board. You’re so pumped now that you just want to jump off and land on the best powder then ski or snowboard down. Finally, you and your friends are at the top (the tippy tippy top) and now it’s time for the best part…skiing or snowboarding down the mountain in the fresh powder!

You whoosh down the powder with your skis making tracks behind you. Faster and faster you speed down with so much energy, and it’s the perfect powder for stopping in the pow…WHAM, you stop and fall into the great snow. Now that you’ve gotten up you look around expecting to find the bottom of the run, but you find out it isn’t over yet. It’s time for the big jump you’ve all been waiting for. Down you go at racing speed. You can see the jump you’re lining up and you whoosh off the jump, 360 in the air, and WHAM, powder sprays everywhere. You come up from the powder with poles up in the air in victory ‘cause you just landed an amazing jump!

Finally, you get to go warm up and get a hot chocolate with some of the Rafters famous nachos. They are the best with their cheesy goodness and the bit of spice. It’s the perfect way to celebrate a great day with lots of amazing runs!

When you’re all done with that you have to go sledding. In Rossland we have lots of good sledding hills. The great one is up beside Centennial Trail. What’s great about that is you can go as high as you want! It is so amazing and beautiful with the nice cedar trees everywhere. Now you have to go home, dry off and have dinner. Then watch a movie and then go to bed. Pizza…delicious pizza…warm pepperoni pizza with a good movie! Now time to go to sleep and have another amazing day tomorrow!

Wasn’t that AWESOME!? That’s how much fun you’ll have if you go have an amazing holiday at Red Mountain Resort.

KaiRossland. That is the best place for a ski holiday. Stick around to find out why you should come here for your next winter vacation.

To kick this amazing day off, head straight up to B&T’s Hard Knock Cafe. Get energized by the cool crisp air on the walk up. Get their French Toast with a chocolate milkshake to get some sugar in your system to get ready for skiing. Later on, you can go to the ski hill to shred some gnar! On the chairlift, you talk in anticipation and watch other people under you send it. Once you are at the top, pick an easy run like Mini Bowls to warm up. Once you and your mates get to the bottom, hop back on the lift and pick a new run. When you are skied out for the day, pick a run that shall bring you to the bottom like Doug’s or Oil Can or even Beer Belly.

Once you’re at the bottom, head over to the lodge to get some lunch. Get one of their bowls of poutine or a huge plate of their delicious fries. While you are waiting in the line, grab a drink like a Gatorade. Once you get your food go sit down and enjoy the front deck with the sun beaming down on you.

Once you get home unbuckle your ski boots and feel the pressure release off your foot. Then have a shower, and feel the warm water clean the sweat off you. Have a nice toasty cup of hot chocolate and add extra marshmallows. Settle down on the sofa and relax!

If amazing food, skiing, and relaxing sounds like a perfect holiday then come to Rossland!

LaceySwish! That’s the sound of your ski/snowboard hitting the powder. You want to have the best ski/snowboard vacation ever? Well Rossland is the best in the winter and I’ll tell you why.

First you wake up and it’s a powder day. It’s snowed two feet. You go outside and it’s still snowing thick, fluffy flakes. It’s cold and it’s a perfect day to go skiing/snowboarding at Red Mountain Resort. To kick things off, you go onto the chairlift. As you ride up you see other people hitting powder and it makes you feel so amazed. Then you are ready to hit the powder too. You go through the thick snow and you’re so happy! Then you go onto the chairlift again and again.

To finish you go to the lodge and you order some hot chocolate. You can feel the first sip of hot chocolate going down your throat and it feels so smooth. When you hold the hot chocolate, your hands get so warm, even too warm. When you’re done the hot chocolate you are ready to ski or snowboard again. The hot chocolate is so good and so addicting at Red Mountain!

That is why people go to Red Mountain in winter…for the good snow, for the hot chocolate and for the snowboarding and skiing! Have the best time at Red Mountain and see you there!