As we quickly approach the 2022/23 winter, we’re excited to introduce some big changes to our operations that will save time and effort for both our Passholders and visiting guests.

Over the summer, we’ve been diligently upgrading our resortwide ticketing and pass software through two new major partnerships: MtnOS/Paradocs, a full-service one stop shop resort management software operating in more than 30 other resorts across North America; and SKIDATA, a ski resort industry leader in RFID gate software and hardware technology. What does this upgrade mean for our guests?

We’ll now be offering reloadable pass and ticket products to all our guests. These reloadable card products are all plastic or paper cards that are scannable inside your pocket at the chairlift! No hang tags and no lanyards needed. Once you pick up your reloadable card, think of them as your passport to the mountains—and keep them safe. Throughout the season (and each year!), you can reload them with ticket or pass products, skip the ticket window altogether, and head straight to the lift. We know you want to be up there ASAP!

Here’s a breakdown of how the purchase & reloadable process works:

Pass Products (Season Passes, Kootenay Locals Only Cards):

  • You’ll now be able to reload your pass products with your online account through our web store annually without having to pick up your pass every year at Guest Services.
  • If you’ve already purchased your season pass, we’re working on getting your accounts set up in our system for the 22/23 winter already. If you purchase a pass on our new web store system, you’ll be creating a simple and quick online account throughout that purchase process.
  • Passholders will need to pick up their new card the first time around, as well as get their photo taken to be added to their online profile for lift queue/gate scanning. After that, it’ll only be a few buttons on your phone between you and paradise.

Online Lift Tickets:

  • If you purchase your lift ticket online, you’ll pick up your plastic card at the ticket window to use for your selected ski day, as well as get your photo taken to be added to your online profile for lift queue/gate scanning.
  • Want to ski again? Just log into your online account (created when you purchased your ticket!) through our web store, purchase another ski day online, and your order will automatically load to your card. You can show up and go straight to the lift. No need to head back to the ticket window! Ever. Again. (Unless you’d like to simply say hi, of course.)

In-Person Lift Tickets:

  • If you go to the ticket window to purchase a lift ticket in person, you’ll receive a single-use non-reloadable ticket (which is still scannable inside your pocket).

RFID Gates and Topping Kiosk

We are implementing RFID technology across the resort with scannable gates/turnstiles. With gate scanning technology at our chairlift queues, guests will move quicker up the mountain, and scanning of the guest’s ticket or pass will now be accessible through their left side pockets. No need to take out or attach your pass or tickets anymore! But don’t worry, your friendly RED lift attendant will still be present, monitoring the gates and queue flow with a big “hello!” and an even bigger grin.

And finally, we’ll be implementing a remote kiosk near the Topping Creek Chairlift. This kiosk will allow guests who purchased a reloadable ticket online to pick up their plastic card directly from the Kiosk and go straight to the Topping Chair to start the day without having to descend to the main base area. Please note that this kiosk is ONLY for advance purchases through our online web store (which can be made from your phone as well!), there will be no staff for an in-person transaction.

Stay tuned for some walk-through videos over the next month or two highlighting the purchase, pickup, and usage process of the new product rollout.

See you soon!